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We have a network of experts based in Africa, Europe and across the World.

World link is a concrete bridge world that have invest interest in investment economic sustainability in re-construction financing in Africa and Asia. The organization is basically engaged in lobbying girts, large cooperation’s and agencies to benefit from the line investors and project finances who are ready to be part of the social economic development of LDCs this is done through law interest loans, expatriates and skilled personnel who can help in areas of infrastructures etc. Most investments will come along with advancement in technology that may not be available for example in Africa to build a move reliable and resilient and social systems.


Our engagements and dealings are based on strong recognized and reliable investors as individual companies, or consortiums in establishment. Our investors have reliable sources of income which are facilities like Standards chartered – UK, Swiss, Singapoe, HongKong, Sweden Citibank-USA, Swiss, UK Iloyds – UK, Swiss Bank of America – US, UK, UAE

Our Services

Commodities Brokering & Trading Services

Our team plays a strategic role of as a commodities broker in the International markets for our clients. We bring industry and operational experience to assist clients with their commodities trading needs. We offer real-time market pricing information and cooperate only with well-established suppliers and first class quality certification companies.

We use our sourcing expertise and our extensive international network to connect producers and suppliers with end-users and buyers of agricultural commodities and we facilitate transactions between global buyers and sellers with a discriminating focus on competitive pricing, product quality and a process that begins and ends with total and highly responsive solution for the client.

What We Can Offer

Optimising the supply chain strategy needs a “holistic” approach if it is to succeed.

If you’re buying or selling products Internationally, you can appreciate it can be a complex, time-consuming, and sometimes bring risks to your business.

Having a robust market intelligence is critical to your company’s ability to keep pace with innovation, regulatory compliance and changes in global markets. In addition, a winning position in the global marketplace requires sound strategy, differentiation, dynamic merchandising and tailored marketing approaches. We are specialised in the strategic sourcing and trading in a wide range of products from around the globe.

We provide our business trade partners with the chance to enter to operate on the global markets with mitigated risk. We also guarantee that our level of customer service will be incomparable to any other company in the business.


In bridging business, we avail different investors and project financers in arears of economic financing quench.
Easing the procedure of governments getting bureaucratic hustles by stimulating a free trade area-Africa.
This is done through Mous to enhance their areas of potentiality in this case making Africa products very competitive on the world market as the world food basket.

Functions & Objectives

World link (UK) was established to avail investors who can grant reconstruction finance support in a transitional economic growth and improve social livelihood. The company presents competent investors that have the capacity to bail out and reduce the risk of future inflation arid low GDP.

World link is mostly engaged in Africa because it is Agro-based and most investors have interest in Agricultural financing through modern farming techniques like irrigation, cottage processing, transportation improvement and above all marketing the produce globally. Negotiation for flexible guarantee options for loan facilities which can be secured through appropriate guarantees, instruments that are available.

The company advocates for law interest rates, simple structure terms and conditions. The fund window can be available in semi-monthly tranches displacements modes

Our Services

Your business needs a strategic partner you can trust to help expand your capabilities by delivering quality products and integrated end-to-end services.

The Benefits of Using Our Services

We have the experience and the methodology to help your company in answering the challenges international trade is offering. Based on an analysis of the current and future supply chain and your corporate strategy with respect to logistics and supply chain, WorldLinkUK is formulating and implementing the appropriate customs and trade strategies.

  • We respond fast
  • You avoid endless hours of pointless research
  • We cover all aspects of customs, trade and export controls
  • Practical relevance above theory

Our Core Values

RESPECT: We have created an updated environment for individual, professional worth and dignity of others.

INTEGRITY: We keep professional, better moral standards and keep within our company code of conduct.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe in maintaining the track of record on both on the individual and organizational basis. We are responsible for our individual actions, encouraged teamwork, quality service delivery and independent, innovative and creative.

SERVICE: We seek to serve with passion and humility

Investment Coverage

Education | Infrastructure | Mining | Telecommunication | Power Tourism | Deep sea ports and Airports | Agriculture Sector


South Sudan
2. Asia

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